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Your adventure begins with cabbage leaves wrapped around a meat and rice filling and simmered on a bed of sauerkraut. Next, your tastebuds will be tantalized by two main delicacies:  Chicken Paprika, one of Hungary’s most famous dishes, which will share the table with the quintessential Hungarian dish, Beef Goulash with buttered noodles, and of course, sour cream. This incredible meal will be accompanied with a traditional Hungarian wine.  And, dessert will be a pleasant 

surprise, if you still have room for it!  So, join your hosts, Leslie and Bill Nagy, and enjoy this wonderful adventure with 10 lucky individuals.  

Price:  $60 per person/10 guests

Date and location:  A mutually agreed upon date and time in the Fall, 2023 at 64432 E. Wind Ridge Cir. 520-355-5064

Donors:  Bill & Leslie Nagy

202 - Feast on the Classic Tastes of Hungary

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