GET YOUR SEATS NOW for the Oracle Schools Foundation Champions Helping Children Gala

By: Maria Menconi

It’s time to reserve your seats for the Oracle Schools Foundation Gala which will be held on Sunday, October 20, 2019, at 5 PM, at the Vistas in HOA 1. Our theme this year is once again, Champions For Children.  As a supporter of the Oracle Schools Foundation, we know that you will want to be there to celebrate with us. The evening will include dinner, a Live Auction, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman as a speaker, some terrific Fixed Price Events (events and services that you can purchase tickets to and participate in later in the fall, winter and spring) and a 50/50 raffle. Please make your reservations using the OSF website:  and also select your menu options. The deadline for reservations is October 11, 2019. Sometime in September or early October, we will be publicizing our Fixed Price descriptions on our website and in the local papers. So, please keep your eyes open for this information. You will want to arrive at 5 for the Gala and sign up early, as these opportunities will get snapped up quickly. As a quick preview, some of our Fixed Price Items are a Fourth of July Blowout (but not on the Fourth of July), a Winetasting at the Wilhelm Estate Vineyards Tasting Room, a Francophile Dinner, a Mosaics Class, Swim Lessons, Soup or Dessert of the Month (delivered to your door!) a Texas Hold ‘Em Event and a Starry, Starry Night Stargazing Party. In the Live Auction a few of the items you can bid on are a one night stay at the 3C Ranch, a Two Night stay at the White Stallion Ranch, a Pizza Dinner by the Lombardi’s, a Latin American Dinner, an HOA1 Library Dinner, UA Men’s Basketball Tickets and some special baskets (these include a Whiskey Basket, and an Octoberfest Basket among others).


This has been another exciting year for Oracle Schools Foundation. Through the generosity of Grants, Champion contributions and Corporate contributions, we provided pre-school tuition for all eligible three and four year olds in the Oracle school district. Specifically, the Oracle Schools Foundation provided funding for thirty two (32) children and all fifty (50) enrolled students showed marked improvement in the measurements used to evaluate their progress Thirty two (32) four year olds were promoted this year and will enter Kindergarten next year with better literacy skills and better prepared to tackle academic challenges. 


Please, go on line now, purchase your seats, or better yet become a sponsor and purchase a table. It’s a great cause, please join us for an evening full of fun, fundraising and friends!