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128 - Begin Again - Shop and Dine in Oro Valley

  • You don’t have to drive far to shop and dine in Oro Valley.  Make a stop at Begin Again, a boutique home furnishing consignment store featuring items that are both decorative and useful. Spend a $100 gift card on area rugs, art, small furniture, and some collectibles.

    Next stop, Trader Joe’s ($75), then Sprouts ($100), and Crumbl Cookies ($40). Treat yourself to breakfast or lunch at Bisbee Breakfast Club on Ina ($25) or Sauce ($50 gift card) before heading home ($390 Value).

    Donors: Begin Again- Linda Vlamakis (Owner), Karen Moore and Benith MacPherson, Sue Case, Crumbl Cookies, Bisbee Breakfast Club, and Gail & Bob Blizard

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