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Imagine enjoying the most beautiful scenery at over 9000’ elevation, the highest peak of the Santa Catalina Mountains. You can – with an overnight stay at the new Mt. Lemmon Hotel.  Enjoy the new amenities in a private cabin that can sleep up to four people. You’ll have everything you need, from your own kitchen and flat-screen TV to a patio overlooking the mountainside. You can also enjoy the surrounding areas and check out Rose Canyon, Ski Valley, and The Sky Center, or hike your favorite trails such as the Wilderness of Rocks Trail. In addition, you can experience Mt. Lemmon’s Observatory’s Sky Night Stargazing program. This is a 5-hour program that begins two hours before sunset and includes an astronomy lecture, a light dinner, a sunset, and guided navigation of the night sky. You’ll start with binoculars and end with views through the Schulman 32-inch and/or the Phillips 24-inch telescopes in order to see our spectacular neighboring planets, distant galaxies and nebula, star clusters, and other celestial wonders. This program can be reserved Wednesday-Sunday.  This Mt. Lemmon getaway wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin to spend a $50 gift card on food and drinks. This is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1990 and is the home of Summerhaven’s world-famous colossal cookies! Beat the heat during the summer and experience all that Mt. Lemmon has to offer ($500 Value)

Donor(s): Reggie &Tiffani Webster and Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin

302 - Mt. Lemmon Hotel Getaway and Observatory Sky Night Stargazing Program

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