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You will not find a better Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza in Tucson than the one created by Pizza Chef Doug Lombardi. Come watch Chef Doug go through the entire process of making the pizzas, including how to prepare the homemade sauce. Then ooh and aah as you bite into a pie with homemade dough and sauce and special pepperoni, as well as toppings of your choice. Enjoy a delicious salad and beer and wine along with your pizza. Marilyn will make it a 2-pie night by satisfying your sweet tooth with one of her delicious homemade pies. Everyone will take home an additional sweet taste of Italy.

Price: $60 per person  

Date and location: Thursday, November 9th at 5:30 at the home of Marilyn and Doug Lombardi, 66046 E Stoney Ridge Dr.; or 734-751-2700

Donors:  Marilyn and Doug Lombardi

206 - Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza at the Lombardi’s

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