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Ten vicarious adventurers will join Prudy and Bob in their SaddleBrooke ‘safari tent’ for a slideshow and discussion of their recent 77-day drive through five southern African countries. The slideshow features African music, photos, and videos taken by Bob and Prudy, and will be accompanied by South African wines paired with hearty African appetizers and dessert. Their trip involved 7,000 miles in rental cars, 75 mammal species, 465 bird species, and 15,000 photographs---don’t miss this opportunity to experience Africa without having to travel!

Price: $50 per person/10 guests

Date and location: Sunday, April 14, 5:00-7:30 pm, at the home of Bob and Prudy Bowers, 65654 East Desert Rise Drive. Contact Prudy:;  520-825-9895.

Donors: Prudy and Bob Bowers

205 - African Safari Night

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