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136 - Tasty Appetizers for Four Months

  • Are you planning on entertaining but don’t want to add appetizers to your “to make” list? This donation includes an appetizer to serve 8 people from November 1, 2024-February 28, 2025.

    Sweet and Savory Bacon Wrap Crackers - Sue Gelbach        

    Crabmeat Treats - Pam LaPine        

    Your choice; mutually determined - Shelly Sandford    

    Chicken Enchilada Dip with Tortilla Chips - Pat Broers        

    Contact: Sue in November, Pam in December, Shelly in January, and Pat in February. A two-week advance notice is required. 

    Donors: Sue Gelbach; 309-252-2935; (November)

    Pam LaPine; 520-850-6825; (December)

    Shelly Sandford; 503-750-7077;

    Pat Broers; 520-609-3957; (February)

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