Receive a half-gallon of homemade soup and a loaf of artisan bread delivered to your home, October 1, 2022 through January 31, 2023.  Curl up around the fire with these comforting winter classic soups made by the Souper Dooper Groupers:

        Soup                                                   Donor

Chicken Noodle & Vegetable           Bonnie Barazani

Tomato-Basil                                           Kathy Kerr           

White Chicken Chili                              Linda Linegar    

Hearty Vegetable                                  Sandy Rose        


Dates: At a mutually agreeable date/time between October 1, 2022 and January 1, 2023. A 2-week notice is required.

Donor: Souper Dooper Groupers – Dorothy Wood, 520-818-9119

1.30. Comfort Classics Soups-of-the-Month for Four Months