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140 - Desserts for Four Months

  • Who doesn’t love dessert, especially if you don’t have to make it yourself! Enjoy a mouth-watering dessert each month between November 1, 2024 and February 28th, 2025. 

    Vodka Mocha Bundt Cake - Geri Conser        

    Key Lime Pie Bars - Mary Floerke        

    Banana Cake - Marilyn Lombardi    

    Rum Bundt Cake with Ice Crea - Carol Haga        

    Contact: Geri in November, Mary in December, Marilyn in January, and Carol in February. A two-week notice is required.

    Donors: Geri Conser-520-505-6107;         (November)

                       Mary Floerke-303-548-1520;             (December)

              Marilyn Lombardi-734-751-2700; odougwhat’   (January)

              Carol Haga-262-894-0032;             (February)

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