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108 - Dine Around Town - Contigo, Vivace, Hacienda del Sol & Charro Steak

  • Most of us look forward to eating out, and there are some excellent restaurants around Tucson. If you want to go to an upscale eatery that serves South American and Spanish cuisine, spend the $100 gift card at Contigo Latin Kitchen where there is abundant outdoor seating overlooking the lights of down-town Tucson. Or head to Vivace, touted as one of Tucson’s finest Italian restaurants, and apply a $100 gift card. If you’re looking for an authentic Southwestern experience in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, there’s no place like Hacienda Del Sol, originally built as a school for girls. Apply a $150 gift card to a room at this historic hotel (prices are much lower in the summer), or use it at the Terraza Garden Patio and Lounge or in the Grill, an award-winning restaurant. Another great restaurant is Charro Steak, named after the Charro Horsemen of Mexico. Use the $100 gift card on authentic meat or seafood dishes typical of the state of Sonora, Mexico ($450 Value). 

    Donors: Contigo, Joy Erickson, Bill & Cheryl Coulter, and Jef & Dale Farland

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