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Taste the luscious wine of the time-honored Old World in contrast to the favorite wines of the New World. Come and relax at our home and enjoy the backyard beauty of our view of Saddlebrooke #3, the Catalinas, and the water. We will serve wine from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany to represent the Old World.  We will also taste the wines from New Zealand/Australia, California, the Northwest, Chile, and Argentina representing the New World.

Each of the wine tastings will be paired with an appetizer to enhance and savor the flavors of wine and food. A wine expert will join us to help us in learning to taste the flavors and to educate us on the difference between Old World and New World wines.

Price:  $50.00 per person/10 guests

Date and location: A mutually agreed upon date fall 2023 or early 2024 at the home of Rich Wemhoff and Frances Regdos, 37459 South Canyon View Drive; or 206-890-1656.

Donors: Rich Wemhoff and Fran Regdos

216 - Wine Lovers, This One's for You!

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