Dawn DiLeo is known throughout SaddleBrooke for her culinary skills.  She and her husband, Peter Godfrey, invite you to feast on a delicious Italian meal in their home.  Neighbors and chefs Allan Lyon and Maria Menconi will team up with Dawn and Peter in preparing the following Italian specialties:  Italian Wedding Soup, Assorted Grilled Vegetables, and Chicken Parmesan and Risotto with Mushrooms, all topped off with Dawn’s fabulous Panettone dessert bowl, made with panettone with mascarpone, whipped cream and fruit.  This incredible meal will be accompanied by house chardonnay, chianti, Peroni, and sparkling water.  Your host couples promise you an exceptional evening of epicurean excellence, in one of SaddleBrooke’s loveliest settings.  You won’t want to miss it

2.0. Italian Feast with Renown Sicilian Master Chef

  • May 4th, 2022 at 5:30pm

    On the Patio, enjoying one of the best mountain views in SB! Home of Dawn DiLeo and Peter Godfrey