Who doesn’t love Greek food?  Especially when the recipes have been passed down through generations of the Pachis and Kartsonis families. At the Kartonsonis’s Greek “Traverna” (64251 E. Orangewood Lane), you will feast on Saganaki (flaming cheese), Greek salad with pita bread and tzatziki, a tapas entrée of pastitio, tiropitas and spanakopita, followed by Greek potatoes and veggies. A delicious Baklava will be served for dessert. Wine pairings and ouzo shots will be served by waiters Gus and Steve. OPA!

3.18. Authentic Greek Dinner for 10

  • This dinner will be held in April on a mutually-determined date. 

    Donated by Gus and Karen Pachis and Steve and Nan Kartsonis