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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the scenic and sometimes rugged fire- control road from Oracle to Mt. Lemmon?  Would you like to see how the landscape is recovering from the devastating Bighorn fire of 2020?  Best of all, would you like to do this when someone else is doing all the driving? Here is your chance to explore the incredible terrain of the Catalina Mountain trek to Mt. Lemmon! Len Laskowski and Barry Larson, long-time experienced off-road drivers will take four people on this unforgettable trip in their specifically equipped off-road jeeps. Driving time is approximately 2 hours up and 2 hours down. The back road to Mt. Lemmon goes from paved to gravel to rocky and offers constantly changing scenery. Be sure to bring your cameras, as you’ll want to share pictures of this beyond-words adventure with your friends. After reaching Summerhaven on top of Mt. Lemmon, Len will treat you to lunch at the Sawmill restaurant, which has beautiful views of the surrounding area. Maybe you’ll even want to stop at the Mt. Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop for some of their famous fudge?  Do not miss this opportunity! Please remember a couple safety tips for the trip:  Due to the vehicles having high clearance (to not get stuck on the rocks), stepping into the vehicles is challenging, so be careful. Second, there are no bathrooms either going up or back. (There are always trees and bushes if needed). All guests are required to sign a liability waiver for this once in a lifetime trip ($375 value).

Date: A mutually-agreed upon date to be determined; this trip needs to be completed before June 1. Contact Len at or 248-224-2707.

Donor(s): Len Laskowski and Barry Larson

304 - Chauffeured Jeep Trip Up “The Back Way to Mt. Lemmon” for Four

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