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Delight your palate with an authentic “Cena all’italiana” (Italian Dinner). Start your evening by filling your glasses with Vino Rosso and Vini Bianchi while partaking in scrumptious “aperitivos” (appetizers), including leek and prosciutto bruschetta and imported Italian olives. Then proceed to the “tavolo da pranzo” (dinner table) where your “insalata” (salad) awaits you. The main course will be “Spaghetti e plopette” (homemade spaghetti with succulent meatballs) made with great grandma Maria Zaccardi’s recipe, accompanied, with home-baked Italian “pana” (bread). “Dolce” (dessert) will be a “sorprendere” (surprise).

Price:  $70 per person/ 8 guests

Date and location: A mutually agreed upon date and time in October, November, or December 2024 at the home of Richard and Donna Martin, 38040 S. Rolling Hills. Contact Donna: or 248-417-9157.

Donors: Donna & Richard Martin, Suzanne & Bill Griffith and Jan & Bill Reichert

223 - Cena all' Italiana

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