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Join hosts Bob and Prudy Bowers, Tom and Pam Frame and Bart and Sandy Epstein for a perfect spring combination---a fully hosted gourmet brunch in beautiful Catalina State Park coupled with easy birding of the park's abundant spring birds. No worries, even if you have mobility issues. Parking is just forty feet from the covered reservation ramada where there are picnic tables and benches protected from direct sunlight. Bird seed and hummingbird feeders will be set up next to the ramada in order to draw area birds in for close observation and photography. Tucson Audubon birding guides Bob and Prudy will be pointing out and identifying birds, as well as providing walking tours of the area for anyone interested in more exercise. Bob writes the 'Birding the Brooke and Beyond' column for the Saddlebag Notes newspaper, and Bob and Prudy have led birding field trips throughout Arizona and Mexico. But birding is just a small part of today's treat. Three couples have combined their cooking skills to host a five-star elegant brunch, starting with gourmet coffee, lemon-enhanced water, fresh-squeezed orange/tangelo juice, mimosas, home-crafted Bloody Marys and champagne. The brunch includes multiple types of homemade quiches, salads, muffins, walnut pie as well as fruit, and gluten free and vegetarian options will be available. Note the park has a $7 entrance fee for each car (with up to four persons) or your annual state parks pass. Limited to 16 guests.

Date and location: Thursday, April 20th from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the Large Group Ramada in the Picnic Area of Catalina State Park

222 - Birds and Brunch

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