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If you like cuisines from around the world, you will certainly enjoy attending this gastronomical gourmet cooking class by noted chef, entrepreneur and author Donna Nordin. You will be treated to an intimate cooking class, of no more than 12 attendees, as Donna prepares her dishes, including a dessert, in a wonderfully-appointed gourmet kitchen setting.  At the conclusion of the cooking class, which begins at 10:30, Donna will serve her prepared dishes.  In addition, wines will accompany the luncheon. As an added bonus, you will receive copies of the recipes that Donna had prepared.  This is an exceptional opportunity to learn gourmet cooking techniques from a world-renowned chef who used to own Café Terra Cotta.  The dates of Donna’s gourmet cooking classes can be found on her website: https//

Date: To be determined based on your preferred class offerings and availability; email Donna at or call her at 520-247-6338

Donor: Donna Nordin

142 - A Gourmet Cooking Class

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